Land Title Transactions


We do our best as your Notary Public to ensure that your purchase, sale or refinance transaction goes smoothly. The Role of a Notary Public in your real estate transaction is to give effect to the Contract of Purchase and Sale. Usually, we do not become involved in your transaction until all subjects have been removed on your Contract. This is when your Contract is firm and binding. Once the contract is firm and binding, we give the Contract effect by preparing mortgage and transfer documents, as well as ensuring that you are getting or can give good, legal title.

As a notary, we help with:

  • Buying or Selling a Home, Cottage, Vacation Property, Investment Property or Raw Land
  • Amending ownership information (adding or removing people to title due to marriage, divorce or death, updating address information, updating legal name information)
  • Preparing and registering Private or Institutional Mortgages
  • Transmitting land to a Trustee or Executor of an Estate
  • Acting for a Buyer in a Foreclosure
  • Writing Contracts of Purchase and Sale


Extra Information:

  1. The steps of a Standard Real Estate Transaction
  2. Information required to complete a purchase transaction
  3. Information required to complete a sale transaction
  4. Information required to refinance your property
  5. Costs associated with the purchase of a home