3 - Required Information to Sell Real Estate


The role of the Notary Public is to give effect to the Contract of Purchase and Sale. From a Seller’s perspective, that means ensuring that you can give good, valid title, free and clear of any financial charges (i.e. mortgages) to the Buyer. It is our responsibility as your Notary to ensure that any financial charges registered against the title are removed.


The following information is required to complete a sale transaction:

  • Copy of the firm and binding Contract of Purchase and Sale together with any addendums to the Contract
    • If you are using a realtor, your realtor will send this to us. If you have created the Contract yourself, you need to provide us with a copy
  • Seller’s contact information, including forwarding address for the Sellers
  • Account numbers and Estimated Balances Owing for any mortgages, judgments, or debts that are registered to the title of your property
  • Did you use a realtor? If so, who did you use?


The Seller should also inform their notary if they have specific time requirements for signing – i.e. on vacation, working out of town, etc.