Costs Associated with the Purchase of a Home


A Notary Public gives effect to the Contract so that your transaction is as seamless as possible. We review documents such as the Contract of Purchase and Sale, Mortgage Instructions, title and tax searches to ensure that we are providing you with the necessary legal advice and expertise that you need. We gather information from insurance companies, banks, realtors, strata management companies and anyone else that might have an interest in a property.


Costs Associated with the Purchase or Sale of a Home:

  • Appraisal or inspection fees
  • Lender application fees from Banks or Mortgage Brokers
  • Property Insurance Premiums
  • Default Insurance Premiums (i.e. CMHC or Genworth Insurance)
  • Survey costs or Title Insurance premiums
  • Property Transfer Tax
    • Usually, property transfer tax is 1%  on the first $200,000 and 2% from $200,000 to $2,000,000 and 3% from $2,000,000 upwards
    • There may be exemptions from Property Transfer Tax if you are a first-time home Buyer or you purchase a newly built home to live in. If either of these situations apply to you, please contact our office so that we may advise you further.
  • City or Regional Tax Adjustments
  • City Utility Adjustments
  • Strata Fees
  • Legal Fees and Disbursements
  • GST
    • Applicable on newly built properties, farm properties, commercial properties, etc.


What you can expect on our Bill:

  • Fees – the charge by the Notary Office for completing the file
  • Disbursements – the costs associated with closing file. Typical costs include: Charges from Suppliers (i.e. Strata Form Fees, Insurance Binder Fees, etc.), Land Title Charges (Cost of registering the transfer, mortgage, searching title, tax searches), office supplies, phone, fax and copy charges, Trust Administration Fees, wire transfer fees or bank fees if applicable, and courier charges if applicable)


Please note that each deal is unique and while we strive to provide estimates so that Buyers and Sellers can budget for fees and closing costs, we will not know the exact bill until we have built your file.